Wednesday Meme

I feel like I should start this blog with a way for people to get to know me. I added the 100 Small Things and now here is a Meme. 

4 Jobs I’ve Had:

1) Waitress at a pizza restaurant

2) Team Leader at a Youth Leadership Conference

3) Law Clerk at a small law firm

4) Contract Specialist for a Medical School

4 Movies I’ve Watched Over and Over:

1) A League of Their Own

2) City of Angels

3) Tombstone

4) Batman Forever

4 Places I Have Lived:

1) Paris, IL

2) Orlando, FL

3) Fort Worth, TX 4) St. Louis, MO4 Shows I Watch:1) Project Runway

2) Nip/Tuck

3) John & Kate Plus 8

4) Amazing Race

4 Places I’ve Been:

1) Madrid, Spain

2) Grand Cayman

3) Costa Rica

4) Cozumel

4 People Who E-mail Me Regularly:

1) Emily

2) Pharmaceutical companies (work)

3) My boss

4) My mom 4 Favorite Things to Eat:1) Nachos2) Cereal

3) Key Lime Pie

4) Cherry Pie Filling 4 Places I’d Rather Be:1) on a beach somewhere2) on my couch

3) Getting a massage

4) Taking a nap

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year:

1) Going on our “honeymoon”

2) Our first anniversary

3) #26

4) vacation time

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