Long Weekend in Review

As the weather people predicted, we got snow on Friday (around 7 inches). I went out to my car to try to scrape all the snow off but soon realized that a snow plow had made its way down the middle of our road and plowed my car in on the side of the street. SNOW DAY!

I look Lola to the dog park and she had a blast! (as you can see)




Saturday, the husband and I went to Williams Sonoma so I could spend the remainder of a gift card I got for Christmas. So many kitchen gadgets! I swear I didn’t even know what half of the things did! I ended up with a new spatula, milk frother, hot chocolate/marshmellows and some parmesan dipping oil.

We also made our way to the grocery store. We were down to the bare bones. We bought ingredients for guacamole and on Sunday I made my first batch! It was delicious 🙂 I put it all in our magic bullet and voila! instant goodness.

Sunday, was of course, Super Bowl Sunday! As previously mentioned, I am a huge Green Bay fan so was not really rooting for either team out of love. I did bet Collin a back massage that the Giants would win and I won! I’m looking forward to it! 

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