Someone had a case of the Mondays

So to preface this post, let me say I am fine. I feel better. It’s all good. Now for the details:

I went to my daily lunchtime aerobics class at noon. After about 45 minutes of step aerobics, I started getting some chest pains and felt like I was just overheated. I left, went back to my desk and tried to cool down. My heart just felt like it was being squeezed and it was beating really fast. I work with a lot of nurses in my office so I asked one of them to listen to my heart. She went and got a heart rate/blood pressure monitor which showed my heart rate at 125 and my blood pressure at 138/74. I was a little dizzy so they decided they needed to take me down to the ER. I work in a med school/hospital so it was just a short walk downstairs. Had I known what the ER was like I would’ve never gone there! It was crawling with indigent people screaming to see a doctor while all wearing flu masks. Luckily, one of my nurse buddies also worked in the ER and knew some people who got me taken care of a lot faster had I just come in on my own. I had a slew of tests: EKG, chest xray, blood glucose, thyroid, blood clot, etc. All of them came out normal except that my heart rate was still racing and it has a slightly abnormal rhythm. After 5 hours in the ER/urgent care, I’m not having an acute cardiac condition but they are concerned about the heart beat/rate and I need to follow up with a cardiologist. So… my Monday felt like a Monday for the record books. Luckily, I had a good doctor, a great friend in the office and a loving home to return to. Once again, I’m fine. Just tired.

And for something a little lighter:


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2 Responses to Someone had a case of the Mondays

  1. Lori says:

    Oh girl!
    I’ve had one of those days and I think you know my story–but after a night at the hospital on my first Valentine’s Day with Steve, there I was. Finally, after table tests, dye tests, treadmill tests and a huge test on my nerves, my tests said I had mitral valve regurgitation, which is a little worse than prolapse, but still not deadly. Yet, when it hurts I want to die. I guess that while we have BIG hearts, ours are not so genetically donatable. Glad you’re feeling better. Some Aunt-ly advice. When (or if) you decide to have a baby, make sure you talk about the heart thing. You never know and I’m supposed to give advice. Love the blog and love you! Hugs to Collin and Lola!

  2. Lana says:

    I am glad you feel better….I hope all is well with the rest of your tests!!! Lola looks soooo darn cute with her headband on!

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