A Week of Mondays

So this is the first week of work where I can actually say that everyday has felt like a Monday. I know there will be plenty more in the years to come but this one has been pretty crappy. It started with the heart issue and has just cascaded down with work issues upon work issues. Mostly dealing with me having thoughts of setting my coworker’s office on fire….. anyone ever have one or five of those days? Of course if I did set her office on fire it would give her yet another reason to not come into the office or come in late or say she’s “working from home.” Riiiiiiight.

To escape from this week from hell, my girls (the two I love from the office) are going out to dinner/drinks. It’ll be nice to just get away from work and be able to chat without time constraints and worrying about all the other people around. It’s gonna be great!

Hopefully, this weekend will leave me rested and ready to face another week with a smile on my face. In the mean time, I’ll be dreaming of vacation.


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