Wishin and Hopin

Everytime I get a JCrew catalog in the mail…. I sigh. The clothes are of course adorable and so chic. I feel like the models look easily put together and not like they are trying too hard. BUT… they are crazy expensive. Take for example my five favorites:

1. 91241_pk5742_m_sp08.jpg

2. 91347_bl8465_m_sp08.jpg

3. 91390_bl8839_m_sp08.jpg

4. 92110_gy6777_m_sp08.jpg

5. 93494_bl8465_m_sp08.jpg

Five items….for $500. Now, I’m not normally cheap and I’ll buy things when they’re not on sale, etc. BUT… I would like my purchases to not average $100 per item. I feel like there should be somewhere that I can find such cute items but not have to sell a kidney to afford. Does anyone know of such a place?

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One Response to Wishin and Hopin

  1. Julia says:

    Oooooh, I love the first and last dresses with a passion. But I, too, have been feeling disdain for J.Crew’s prices lately. I’m sure you can find similar styles at cheaper places but it’s never quite the same, right? I’d say pick just one and splurge! [and if it were me, it’d be the first dress.] 🙂

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