Have No Fear

My doctor’s appointment was today and the verdict isssss…… still no verdict. I had another EKG which looked pretty good but she still wants to me to wear a holter monitor. Basically I wear this little device that monitors my heartbeat for 48hours…..that’s right. I’ll be nice and smelly for 48 hours because I can’t bathe…. grrrrr….. But, I have the ok to exercise as long as I take it easy. I’m looking forward to getting back into it. I’ve felt a little blah without it. I really feel like it helps keep my mood up.

On a different note…. my boss is pregnant. She hasn’t officially announced it yet but she did tell the office manager who opened up her big mouth and was overheard. We’ve had our suspicions (different baggy clothes, eating lunch instead of drinking a diet coke). I’m really surprised about my reaction to it. It kind of makes me want to have a baby now. I know that it’s not a great time and I don’t want to have one while we’re living in our apartment….talk about lack of space. I think it’s just an inner realization that I really do want kids. I went through a long period where I wanted nothing to do with kids. Now, I’m definitely changing my mind. I’ve seen how happy my brother is with my niece and I just can’t imagine that kind of connection. Sooo….. in a few years, lol.

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