Allergic to winter? (Part Deux)

I don’t have any pictures for this post but….now Lola has hives šŸ˜¦ She was scratching like crazy last night and when I got up this morning, she had tons of little bumps under her fur. I realllllly wish I knew what was causing this crazy freak allergic reaction. We haven’t changed her food or our detergent. We don’t have any plants in the house that she can eat. I’m just really at a loss. I went home for lunch today and she still had the hives. I gave her some benadryl (vet recommendation) and hopefully she’ll be doing better when I go home in a little bit. I just wish I knew! It’s the not knowing that really bothers me. I feel like there’s something I’m doing wrong that’s hurting her and I have no clue what! Any ideas?!?!

P.S. Collin is taking the IL bar today. Wish him lots of luck!!! I miss him šŸ˜¦

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