One helluva night

Sooooo last night was not a fun night. Lola was feeling pretty bad and could not fall asleep. Instead, all she did was whimper non-stop. I would take her outside to see if that’s what she needed but no. Her hives came back in full force and she started retaining fluid on her belly and under her chin. At about 4:00 this morning, I had a mini breakdown. Lola was having a hard time with her breathing and the vet was closed until 6:00. I called Collin and he told me to go to walgreens or someplace open to get more benadryl. I got Lola loaded up in my car and we headed to the closest Walgreens (ghetto). I got the medicine without problem. As I was heading out of the parking lot, there was a guy on the sidewalk next to the stop light who motioned me to roll down my window. I shook my head no and proceeded to annoy him. He stood there for a second and then started walking towards my car. Even though I was at a red light, I went through it (there was no traffic at that hour) and sped away! I gave Lola the medicine and she felt good enough to fall asleep. I, of course, was so paranoid she was going to die in her sleep. I watched her breathe and then when the clock turned 6, I called the vet for an appt.

We got in around 7:45. The vet said it was an allergic reaction (you think!??!?) and that he doubted it was the rug but couldn’t rule it out. She got two more shots in the butt and some more medicine to take for the rest of the week. In the mean time…we MUST figure out what is doing this to her!

Collin got home from Chicago about noon and said that she was doing well at home. He pulled up the rug (we’re testing our theory). So we’ll see.

Tonight…. my goal is to sleep! After two nights with a combined two hours of sleep….I’m worn out 😦

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2 Responses to One helluva night

  1. Julia says:

    Awww, sweetie. Try and get some rest. It will all work out somehow. [[[[hugs]]]]

  2. hckelley says:

    Thanks! I’m just so worn out. I just want her to feel better so we can feel better and get back to normal.

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