Ohhhhh the KK

I am very excited because this weekend my baby sis is coming to visit! Granted, we’re only 2 hours apart but it’s a long two hours. She can make me crack up like no other. Even if all we do is lay around, watch tv, and stuff our faces…it’s grand. Sometimes we like to go to Target and make asses out of ourselves…. Like so…..

m_2ce3c8847f00e8b41bb1841993d6b8ea.jpg     m_4c1d6f935b3bb1d694dc37da8b1c45c3.jpg     me_and_hanna_hats_2.jpg

m_bae053073c8c44010006357c22b5999c.jpg     me_and_hanna_hats.jpg     m_67b85e7aa2fdd73a1aab3ae50f984b1d.jpg


 KK is 4.5 years younger than me and as kids we NEVER got along. I’ll admit I was less than cordial to her and basically resented her being around. Now…. I miss her everyday. It’s a rare day that we don’t talk to each other even if it’s a text message. I can tell her anything and hope that she feels the same with me.

I’m very close to my siblings. We all went to the same undergrad school and then I stuck around for law school. Normally people have sibling separation after high school when they all go away to different schools. We weren’t separated for long at all. Now, my brother is in Chicago, I’m in St. Louis and Karen is in Carbondale. We’re starting to be grown-ups and having separate families. It’s a really weird transitional stage and I’m not sure I like it. I wish we could all be in the same city as least so I can watch over them and mother them…..although I’m sure they wish I would just give it up. I guess the point is…. I love them and I miss them and this weekend will be fun.

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