My reality

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I LOVE reality tv….but I do. I realize that it’s all scripted and none of it is in fact real. I love it.

Here’s a little bit of what I love and what’s going on in my world:

1. American Idol- There are 16(?) people left. Last night the guys sang and here are my predictions for the ones going home:

Chikzie Eze (not spelled correctly)- He’s ok but nothing special. Most of the other performers did much better and have a better presence.


Luke Menard- While he has a Luke Perry-esque look, his performance is bland and he picks some pretty lame songs. Maybe broadway bound but not a winner.


Tonight…’s the ladies. There are too many pretty blonde girls. It’s going to be hard for them to stand out.

I also watch:

1.  bb9_logo.gif

It’s a different setup this time around. It almost seems like they just wanted a filler show because it’s going much faster than a normal BB season. This time around they have male/female partners that play the game together. There’s some tension and backstabbing there so it’s kind of interesting but I like the other format better.

2. images.jpg

It’s the season finale!!! From the beginning Collin and I each picked a favorite to follow throughout the competition. I picked Rami and he picked Victorya. Now Rami is one of the final three!…..but he’s not my favorite anymore. I really like the clothes that Jillian has made. They’re unique but still look wearable.   I love this show because it gives you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of designing. I love Michael Kors and Tim Gunn!

My other guilty pleasures include: Rock of Love (hilarious skanky trash), Gauntlet III (I love ALL the challenges. They just never get old to me!), Celebrity Rehab (wake up call! You’re famous….You have everything…..Stop smoking crack) and The Hills (That show needs more Whitney, less Heidi).

Anyone else love this trash as much as me?

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One Response to My reality

  1. Emily says:

    Hello?? Project Runway??? Do you even have to ask?? I’ve been an addict since the beginning!!! I too love the trashy humor Rock of Love offers… can’t explain why. I cannot get enough of the challenges!! Everytime it gets better and better because the dirt gets deeper and deeper. But, I’m a little disapointed in the Rookies… WHY CAN’T THEY JUST WIN ALREADY!!! I was thinking about the stats last time and they have only won three??? Two of which the Vets THREW!! COME ON! Finally, The Hills… Can’t WAIT till it comes back in two weeks. My world will be complete once again 🙂

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