It’s that time of year when college basketball fans can finally get their fix. This weekend many divisions will host their tournaments to decide who gets an automatic bid to the big dance. This is a very exciting weekend!

I myself am hoping for a great game tonight between the University of Kentucky and the University of Georgia. GO WILDCATS!!!!!   Kentucky has had an iffy season but has been great in the SEC conference. I think they’ll get in the tournament without big wins this weekend but anything extra would be great!

I actually heard on the radio this week that there is a doctor’s office in Oregon offering discounted vasectomies for next week. The ploy is to get men to come in for the procedure with the promise of being out of work for a few days…just in time to watch non-stop basketball games. They even promise to send the men home with care packages of food, drink and an ice bag…. wow….that’s….something else.

Have a great college basketball weekend and GO CATS!


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2 Responses to MARCH MADNESS!

  1. Julia says:

    i normally don’t care about basketball too much [except for when I played] but I love March Madness!

  2. Lori says:

    Can’t help this– GO TIGERS!!!!!

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