Tourney Time!

Get your brackets out…it’s time for the tourney! Each year I have such a hard time filling out my bracket. So many people just sit down and in ten minutes have a stellar bracket. It makes my stomach churn. I stress over the chances of a 12 beating a 5 and who the mid-major dark horse is. I listen to sports podcasts and read the picks of the so-called experts. Annnnnd each year, I lose. Yet, I still can’t sit down and just make picks without thinking. It’s agony. I started working on my bracket at 9:00 this morning and have only made it through the first round. It’s gonna take all day. Sigh.

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3 Responses to Tourney Time!

  1. Emily says:

    I don’t do brackets because I know nothing about the tournament… but Matt is upset because his is already down the drain… 🙂 How is yours holding up??

  2. hckelley says:

    Bracket = Busted 😦

  3. 30tocure30 says:

    Aaahh…more info to rack my brains with in search of the elusive perfect bracket. I am beginning to think it is the Holy Grail…a lot of talk about knowing a friend of a friend who did it, but no physical proof that the sheet exists.

    The only thing you can count on with March Madness is the unpredictability of it all…

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