JCrew Wish List

Since my birthday is coming soooooon….. I thought it would only be appropriate to provide a subtle hint to those that might be shopping for me in the near future. I stalk the JCrew final sale page and they just put their spring clothes on! They sometimes offer an additional 20% off the final sale stuff. I just check back every day…. it’s sick. So here’s what I’m lookin at:

 1. Kingston Suede Driving Mocs (chocolate)


2. Foulard-Print Shorts


3. Embroidered Pinwheel Skirt (Classic Navy)


There are several others that I would love to have but I feel bad for being so blatant. I went to Target last night and just realized how much I really wanted to shop. Our vacation is coming up in less than two months now!!! and I feel like I need some summer attire for both work and vacation/play. I especially want one of those big wide brim straw looking lounging on the beach hats. It would make me feel very important…almost like I belonged there 🙂

I’m definitely dreaming of sun while I’m sitting at my desk looking out my window of my view of the smokestack. Hopefully warm weather and outdoor dining is on its way!

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One Response to JCrew Wish List

  1. Julia says:

    LOVE J.crew for vacation shopping! And I’m totally counting down for ours, too.

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