Today is our bi-monthly staff meeting. At each meeting, a different group in our office is in charge of a theme and bringing the majority of the food for the office. This month, it was the Contracts Group’s turn to come up with something. Our idea….BASEBALL!!!  We’re doing an opening day theme…we’re a little off of opening day but still close. We have hot dogs, chili, nachos, cracker jacks and all the toppings. The rest of the office is in charge of bringing drinks and anything else that might be needed. I’m so excited because I LOVE nachos. Plus, we never really do a lot of work on these days. It’s mostly a free for all eating extravaganza.

On a not so great note, I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. Just a cleaning but….who likes the dentist?

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One Response to Mmmm….nachos

  1. Julia says:

    Do you get to have beer for your beverage? Because what good is a baseball day without beer? 🙂

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