Funny Story….kinda

So…whenever someone comments on my blog that hasn’t commented before, I get a nice little email asking me to approve the comment. Well, I got a comment I really wasn’t expecting. Remember a few days back when I listed my “First time for everthing” blog? Well, I made the mistake of listing the full name of my first homecoming date and adding the line that I was miserable….oops! Apparently, according to his comment, his colleagues were googling his name and found my blog and he wasn’t thrilled with my unflattering words about our homecoming. So, as per his request, I removed his name and the question so “colleagues” can no longer stumble upon my blog and learn how bad of a date he was. I really do apologize for using his full name, but what are the chances that two days after posting that blog, he finds it?  Also, I’m not entirely sure he remembers me…as he referred to me as “Holly.” (not my name)

On a slightly different note, I was surprised that yesterday my blog hit 31 reads…. not a lot by any standards but a lot for my humble little blog. My blog tracks what people put into google when they come across my blog. There were multiple variations of said homecoming date’s name put into a google search, whereafter the google searcher clicked on my blog. Very strange. How many times does one need to search for the same name/different variations?

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3 Responses to Funny Story….kinda

  1. Emily says:

    Very odd…. :/

  2. Julia says:

    The internet is SO weird sometimes! Congrats on 31 reads, though. You are moving up in the world!

  3. Karen says:

    Hehehe.. I think it’s funny. Maybe only because I know who you were talking about. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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