1. I freak out if the toilet paper faces up and not down… it rolls both ways but…down is the better way.

2. When I put on socks and shoes, I put on my right sock, left sock, right shoe and then left shoe.

3. I tap on my soda cans before opening them. I think it started when someone told me it would keep it from exploding….and I irrationally still do it.

4. I check my email obsessively.

5. I can’t just do one sudoku….. I have to do seven…not literally seven but alot.

6. I like to shop online… by shop, I mean put items in my cart and then never buy them.

7. I am obsessed with doritos. I could probably eat a whole bag in one sitting…. sigh.

8. I can’t stand VPL…. I’m mildly ok with others having it but I will NOT let myself.

9. I compulsively check my Tivo’s to-do list and delete episodes of shows it shouldn’t be recording. It’s therapeutic.

10. I tear off my calendar pages at noon each day for the next day. I can’t wait until the next day.

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One Response to Idiosyncrasies

  1. Emily says:

    Down is the better way. Period.

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