Whoooaaaaa Nelly!

This morning around 4:30, Collin and I were awoken to some minor shaking of our bed. I thought Lola was jumping down because it was time to take her out. No! I told Collin….I think it’s an earthquake….he says… this isn’t an earthquake and I say…umm..it feels like an earthquake. His theory…..UFO landing.   So, as soon as the alarm clock goes off this morning, I run to the computer and google “St. Louis earthquake.” Come to find out, there was an earthquake with a 5.2 magnitude centered around Mt. Carmel, IL (which just happens to be where his family is from and is almost 3 hours away!). They said people as far north as Michigan and Wisconsin and as far south as Tennessee could feel it! We didn’t have any damage but there were some roads that were closed for debris. I guess there could be some aftershocks today but I don’t think we’ll really get anything. The news peeps are really worried that this could be something that could trigger the New Madrid fault…in which case could be bad for us. They’ve been predicting “The Big One” for years now. Apparently, the Earth would open up and swallow us whole….let’s hope they’re wrong.

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One Response to Whoooaaaaa Nelly!

  1. Kristal says:

    Crazy, wasn’t it?! It woke my husband and I up, and my doggie was barking like crazy.

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