Weekend in Review

I’ll make this an extended weekend in review because I never blogged about my birthday!

Ok so Thursday night, Collin and I went to Maggiano’s for dinner. It was sooo good! I had baked 4 cheese ravioli in a pesto cream sauce…mmm…. I also had my first Bellini. It was amazing! I see many more of those in my future. Collin bought me an iPod classic for my bday. I love it! It’s so bright and colorful and I don’t really know how to work it yet … but I will! Lola framed a picture of herself for me. It’s pretty cute 🙂

Friday, my buddies from work took me out to lunch at Houlihan’s in Union Station. It was nice to get out of the office and just relax. They bought me a really nice jewelry box. (Apparently, I had mentioned that my necklaces are currently hanging from my closet wall on thumb tacks).

Friday night, my Dad, Lynn, Collin and I went to 1111 Mississippi for dinner. It was really good! We had a nice bottle of wine and really good food. They didn’t cook Lynn’s steak right so the waiter came by with a tray of deserts! There was gooey butter cake, chocolate cake and bananas foster. After dinner, we went to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar for cocktails and cheese! We felt soooo stuffed by the end of the night. My dad gave me a beautiful garnet pendant for my birthday. I’m wearing it today to show it off the my work peeps.

Saturday, my aunt/uncle came into town and we all went to the Cards/Giants game. It was freeeeeeeeeeeezing! I think the highest it got was 55 and there was a crazy amount of wind that kept me shivering and my lips blue. After the game, we took a nap and got ready for the evening. We went to Schlafly tap room for dinner. The food was just ok but the atmosphere was fun. We went back to our apartment after dinner and played Buzz the trivia game on our PS2. It was so much fun! It really makes you competitive because everyone gets their own buzzers and you have to ring in the correct answer. I recommend the game to anyone that loves trivia and is crazy competitive like we are 🙂

Sunday, Dad and Lynn went back to Maryland. 😦  Stewart and Carol came over and we walked to Kopperman’s for breakfast outside! After our freezing day before, Sunday was gorgeous. We took Lola to the dog park and then we went to Forest Park for awhile. It was soooo nice to just be able to lay out on a blanket in the sunshine. Of course, now I have a sunburn! My nose looks like Rudolph today. I’m trying to hide it with makeup but I’m sure as the day goes on it will wear off and my true color will show 😦 It makes me anxious for our vacation. Only 33 more days!

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One Response to Weekend in Review

  1. julia says:

    Mmmm, Koppermans. I love that place. And I totally got sunburned too! Pictures to follow:)

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