Sum Sum Summertime…

The weather is beautiful today and inspired Collin to inspire me to make a list of all the things we want to do this summer:

1. Visit the Jewel Box in Forest Park. I’ve never been in but it looks so pretty!

2. The Zoo! I’ve been to the zoo a lot but I love the penguin exhibit!

3. Eat at the Boathouse in Forest Park. I love being able to sit outside by the water. Annnnd you can bring your dog!

4. Check out Grant’s Farm. I’ve never been but it’s a St. Louis landmark.

5. The Butterfly House! I’ve heard it’s so pretty. Normally bugs freak me out but butterflies are nice bugs… I think.

6. Take a tour of some of Missouri’s wineries.

7. Six Flags– KK and I have plans to ride alllll the coasters.

8. Raging Rivers– I used to go to water parks all the time with my dad and they have one here!

9. Walk around The Loop while eating Ben and Jerry’s Lemonade Sorbet.

10. Musical at the Muny– outdoor theatre

11. Get yummy produce at the Soulard Farmer’s Market.

12. Check out Gus’ Pretzels. A St. Louis staple.

13. Consume many a concrete at Ted Drewes Custard… yummm

14. The Anheuser- Busch Tour

15. Finally trying an IMO’s pizza. Apparently they’re delicious?


I’ve got a lot to do!!! Anyone have any other recommendations for the summer?

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One Response to Sum Sum Summertime…

  1. Kristal says:

    The Zoo is awesome and the penguins are my fave by far.

    DH and I go to the St. Gen wineries way too often in the spring and fall – yummy wine and incredible scenery. Plus, it’s nice to “get away” with just an hour’s drive.

    Ted Drewes. Favorite. Place. Ever. YUM!!

    IMO’s pizza is gross. Just my opinion. 😉

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