Perfect Sundays should not be followed by Manic Mondays

Yesterday was utter weekend perfection. We took Lola to the dog park for awhile and then took a long walk around the neighborhood. We decided to stop in at Bar Louie for a nice lunch al fresco with Lola. I had a fabulous(!) salad. It had little slices of pear, craisins, feta cheese, walnuts and a yummy balsamic viniagrette dressing. Mmmmmmm… I can see ordering that a lot in the future. 

After lunch, we went home for a little relaxation and tv vegging. I wanted to check out Target so we ventured out into the beautiful sunshine-y day. I ended up getting two pairs of shoes, three shirts and a bathing suit for $100…. not too bad, especially by Target standards. I can do some major damage there.

Once we brought our treasures home, we decided it was time to try Guitar Hero on the hard level!!! We had tried this level once before and had failed miserably. This time was slightly more successful. We managed to complete 4 songs before giving up. Not too bad!

Sunday night was the Cubs/Cards game. We had pretty good seats and warm weather. A much different experience from my last game. I didn’t have to spend half of it keeping warm in the AT&T blue room. Unforunately for Collin, the Cubs were not victorious. But a good time was had by all!!!

Soooo now it’s Monday and I’m a little tired. I have been busy since I got here (rare). I’m getting ready to leave to pick Lola up from kamp. Collin is playing softball tonight in Forest Park so Lola and I might just be spectators tonight!

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3 Responses to Perfect Sundays should not be followed by Manic Mondays

  1. julia says:

    Sounds like a fab weekend! And Mondays always blow no matter what, but enjoy the game in Forest Park!

  2. Emily says:

    You have the most ideal, relaxing weekends… jealous!! I can’t wait until I can have that!!! 2.5 more months!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (My apologies for the excessive punctuation use)

  3. hckelley says:

    Yay for fabulous relaxing weekends for Emily!!! I can’t wait for you to have all this crappy CPA stuff behind you.

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