Derby Thoughts

I don’t know if any of you saw the Kentucky Derby but it was beyond sad for me. Collin and I each picked a horse at random to root for. I picked the one with the orange hat. (We didn’t watch the pre-race stuff, just the race). I said before the race that I couldn’t take another Barbaro happening. I was emotionally invested in Barbaro after he broke down at the 2006 Preakness. I read every news report and cried when he had bad days and celebrated his good days. After a year of suffering from his broken ankle and developing laminitis, the owners decided to put Barbaro down. Well, this year, 3 year old fillie Eight Belles broke down just after finishing the Derby in second place. They cut to her lying on the track with equine ambulances rushing down the track. After a few moments of speculation, the news anchor turns to the head vet at the Derby who says that Eight Belles has broken both of her front ankles and was instantly euthanized. Immediately, tears filled my eyes. I didn’t know anything about this horse before watching the race. I just kept thinking why does this keep happening? It makes me so mad that these people raise these horses for this race and put them through all the training and work and then it’s ok to just euthanize a horse like a normal, everyday thing. I understand that there is no way that this horse could have survived without being able to stand. It just sucks that the owners/trainers/whoever put this horse in the race and now she’s dead. I know it’s probably an over-reaction on my part but as an animal lover it hurts to see it happen.

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