6 Month Review

Yesterday was my six month review with my boss. I was pretty nervous going in, even though I didn’t really have a reason to be. So it went pretty well. I was warned before hand by another colleague that the “grading scale” was pretty ridiculous. On the top of the paper was the scale 5- outstanding (rarely achieved) and it scaled down from there. 3 is always the average and that is – high quality work. So the word around the office is…everyone gets an average of 3 because it’s supposed to motivate you to try to get a 4…. It does the exact opposite for me, knowing that no matter how hard I work, I’ll get a three?? It’s just like…whatever.. to me.

So, my boss was really nice. She said I was doing a great job and that I’m exactly where I should be for only being here six months. She’s going to cut the cord as far as reviewing my work product before it’s sent out (which is great). I got my 3 average and we chatted for awhile. So… all in all…. it was fine. Nothing bad, nothing great…. I figure it’s a normal six month review.

The best thing about a six month review is……………. now I can take days off! I’ve been working everyday since November 26! Now, I can call in sick and take vacation days and all that fun stuff. Speaking of vacation, I’m leaving on Saturday for Mexico!!

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One Response to 6 Month Review

  1. Emily says:

    Congrats on the review!!! Sounds like they are very pleased with you!!!! How could they not be?!!! 🙂

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