A, B, C’s of Me

A is for age: 26

B is for beer of choice: It’s all gross to me

C is for career right now: Contract Specialist extraordinaire

D is for your dog’s name: Lola

E is for essential item you use everyday: Computer

F is for favorite TV show at the moment: The Bachelorette (everything else is reruns)

G is for favorite game: Clue

H is for hometown: now it’s St. Louis

I is for instruments you play: clarinet, I’m a dork

J is for favorite juice: strawberry lemonade

K is for whose butt you’d like to kick: no one right now

L is for last restaurant you ate at: Bar Louie

M is for marriage: almost 9 months now

N is for Number of Piercings: just ears now

O is for overnight hospital stays: zero

P is for people you were with today: Contracts bootcamp people, office people

Q is for what you do with your quiet time: read, watch tv

R is for biggest regret: none

S is for status: married, tired, working,

T is for time you woke up today: 6:15

U is for if you are unique: isn’t everyone?

V is for vegetable you love: lettuce, lima beans, black eyed peas

W is for worst habit: picking at my nails

X is for x-rays you’ve had: a few but never a broken bone

Y is for yummy food you ate today: DORITOS mmmm

Z is for zodiac sign: Aries

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