Vacation Time!

My vacation countdown is finally down to one day!! Tomorrow, Collin and I will be heading to sunny (I hope) Puerto Vallarta! We will be there until late Friday night. The only thing we have planned right now is the canopy tour. I’m so excited!! There are 15 lines that zig zag over a river. The tallest line is 500 feet above the ground! I have done this before so I don’t think I’ll be afraid. I’m a little worried about Collin and his fear of heights! So for the next week I say……. Hasta Luego!

 (A picture of where we’re staying)

 (random person doing the canopy tour)

 (the platform where you take off)

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2 Responses to Vacation Time!

  1. LucyinStLou says:

    Looks wonderful! We’re planning a trip to Mexico in February and it’s great to read about others having a great time there.

  2. hckelley says:

    Thanks Lucy! I just read your blog- so cute! I added you to my google reader and blog roll 🙂 Hope to hear more from you.

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