Back to the Grind

Soooo we’re back from a fabulous vacation. I think maybe I’ll just summarize the vacation in one horrendously long post filled with pictures. Feel free to wade through it or just skim the top.

We flew out of St. Louis Saturday afternoon. We had a small layover in Dallas and landed in Puerto Vallarta around 9:00 Saturday night. After a long taxi ride to our resort (Dreams), we checked in. Upon check in, we were greeted with two glasses of champagne and a cool towel for our faces. A nice touch! We waited for awhile, while the check-in guy typed into the computer and spoke with his colleague… I heard him say “No tiene cuarto.” (There is no room). Not a thing I normally would like to hear, but it turned out well for us. They offered us the nicest room they had at the resort for one night. UPGRADE!!! Here is what we found when we opened the door:

  (the downstairs living room)

 (view of the mini pool on the downstairs balcony)

(the stairs)

 (upstairs bathroom)

 (upstairs living room)

 (nice bed- although reallllly hard)

 (view from upstairs balcony)

We decided that since the room was so nice we had to order room service and stay up late because we knew it was only a short visit.

The next morning, we got up and at breakfast at the buffet. We went down to the adults only infinity pool for some sunshine!

Then we checked in to the new room…..not quite so glamorous.

Monday night was dinner at the Italian resaurant at the resort and some pictures. When we got back to our room, Collin noticed that they were letting baby sea turtles into the ocean, so we joined in on the fun!

Monday morning we had to go meet up at the Canopy Tour office bright and early. It was definitely worth it though. I think it was the highlight of the trip. After the canopy tour, we got to play with some monkeys!

Tuesday and Wednesday we just took in a lot of sun and relaxation. Collin did some rock climbing and we went downtown for a little sightseeing.


Thursday, we did some sunbathing and went into Nuevo Vallarta for some dolphin swimming! We got to rub them, kiss them and take a ride around the pool on their bellies! Soooo much fun.

 Friday was our last day. We took advantage of the sun until we had to check out and get all of our stuff together. We flew home during a lightning storm which was crazy to see from the plane! Sunday, we met Collin’s mom in Effingham to pick up Lola and now we’re back to work….. time flies when you’re on vacation.

Sorry it took me so long to get this together!


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6 Responses to Back to the Grind

  1. adayinthelifeofrobyn says:

    Man I love Mexico! Looks like you guys had a great trip!

  2. LucyinStLou says:

    I love your pictures! I had heard Dreams is really nice. It looks like you had a great time. I’ve added you to my Reader and Blogroll too.

  3. julia says:

    Such cute pictures! It looks like a fabulous place and much enjoyed!

  4. Ang Jia Cong says:

    Dolphins! 😀 I absolutely love dolphins, especially when they look like their just standing up in the water. 😀

    That’s really quite an adventure! =)

  5. Aimee says:

    I found your blog through a few friends (wedding gals).

    The baby turtles are so cute! I’ve always wanted to go swimming with dolphins! Lucky you! I hope to eventually get the chance.

  6. hckelley says:

    Glad to have you Aimee!! Your blog is adorable! I’ll have to add it to my blog roll 🙂

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