Save the Drama for your Baby Shower

Who would’ve thought that planning a baby shower would be full of so much drama? I’ve mentioned before that the contracts group in our office is planning a baby shower for my boss who is due in August. Well, the shower is on Friday and this week has been crazy. We sent out an email about a month ago to our office saying that the shower was coming up and here’s the plan, etc. etc. At the bottom of the email, in big caps: THIS IS A SURPRISE!

Fast forward a few weeks….my boss walks in the door…nurse coordinator guy…. so, are you excited for your party? (something to that effect). She’s like…what party? Surprise blown. I guess it’s not that big of a surprise to her, we normally throw parties/showers if people are getting married, having babies, leaving to go to another job (I don’t know why we do that).

With the surprise being blown, we still have kept the date secret. She knows one is coming, just not when. She kept telling our office manager..”I don’t understand. They haven’t sent me an outlook invitation for a meeting or anything!” Being the oh so sneaky people that we are, we scheduled a meeting with her for three weeks after the actual shower. Hopefully, that throws her off the trail. I guess if she shows up tomorrow all dressed up, she knows what’s up. It’ll still be a great shower either way. Our group has made a diaper cake, decorate onesies, we’re making different types of cupcakes and I made a celebrity baby name matching game.

Here’s where the drama comes in: Decorations. There is one member of our little group who is not dependable at all and who knows why she was assigned the task of decorations. For two weeks, we asked her to bring in the decorations so we could see them and see what else, if anything, we need to get. Fast forward to this past Tuesday. She finally brings in her “decorations” which consisted of….favor boxes (to just sit on a table), gift bags (to just sit on tables) and white plastic table cloths….   So another girl decided to go buy some better decorations… All day yesterday was an email war …you take yours back, no you take yours back. It was brutal. We’re supposed to meet today at 3 to decide what we’re doing…. I’m scared.

At least the shower will be over tomorrow and the stress will go away. I hope she likes it!

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3 Responses to Save the Drama for your Baby Shower

  1. LucyinStLou says:

    Oh my! I feel for you! Few things seem to bring out office drama quite like a shower. (And baby showers are always worse than wedding for some reason.) I wish you well!

  2. hckelley says:

    Thanks! I think it’s especially stressful because it’s for our boss and everyone wants to look like they were a better contributer.

  3. Emily says:

    I hate the minute a surprise is blown… irks me to no end!!

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