Hanna needs…..

I got this little ditty from Claire Uncorked. Basically, the premise is that you type in your first name and the word “needs” in the google search. What follows is hilariousness and fun…. or something like it. Here are my top 10:

1. Hanna needs: to freely explore her world. (I happen to like this. How about more travel? How about less expensive airline tickets!!!!)

2. Hanna needs: donations. (Yes I do- to help with my world exploration!)

3. Hanna needs: protection (I guess a body guard to protect me in foreign lands)

4. Hanna needs: rest (Yes… I haven’t been getting enough sleep and the jet lag will not help)

5. Hanna needs: help figuring it all out (Doesn’t everyone?)

6. Hanna needs: her tools (To figure it all out!)

7. (sleepy) Hanna needs: your prayers (the sleepy was in the google result, sooooo I need rest because I’m sleepy; I need tools and your prayers to figure it all out. I’m very demanding)

8. Hanna needs: it! (Yes, but what is it? This is what I need to figure out!)

9. Hanna needs: to do some “hunt’en” (Wow… I also need some grammar lessons)

10. Hanna needs: to explain her ideas further (Maybe I’m not being understood…..?)

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One Response to Hanna needs…..

  1. julia says:

    Have fun with your ‘hunt’en’ 🙂

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