Poor KK!!

Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart or those who are podophobic (afraid of feet). Seriously, what follows are five pictures of my sister’s mangled foot. You see, she was out last weekend when a vicious steel door decided to run over her toes. One trip to the ER later and this is the aftermath:

She goes to see a podiatrist today. Apparently, something is wrong with her nail bed that they need to fix. I hope everything goes ok. Loves ya KK!

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2 Responses to Poor KK!!

  1. Karen says:

    HA! People are afraid to comment about my nasty toes… sigh. No shout outs to the gimps!

  2. hckelley says:

    Awww… poor chica! I shout out to your toes!! Yay for finally bending…maybe next week you can walk across a huge amusement park!

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