A Long Weekend in Review

Thursday, Collin and I got off work early, packed up the car and headed to his home town. We dropped off Lola and then headed into Rob and Ali’s house for some pizza/drinks. Also at Ali’s- Becky, Beth/Jeff, Melissa (!), Adam and Shelley. We hung out for awhile and then decided to go into town. There was a Jimmy Buffet (not my fav) coverband outside. Normally, outside concert = fabulous. That night, it was freezing! Everyone kept wandering off and leaving me freezing talking to random people. Finally, someone suggested we take it inside and we found a booth. In the mean time, people are getting crazier and more drunk. When you’re not drinking and you were freezing the whole night, it doesn’t end up great. Eventually, we got someone to take us home (why we didn’t drive, I have no idea).

Friday, we played with Lola in Jana’s huge back yard. She really loves it there. She’d probably leave us if we told her she could go live there. Ali’s parents throw a huge 4th of July party every year and this year was no different. They had the pool open, tunes playing and lots of great food. I played bags for the first time. It was not pretty. Later that night, we went back to Rob and Ali’s and played Buzz (a trivia video game). I am so far undefeated in 7 attempts. 🙂 Now no one wants to play with me.

Saturday morning, Jana and I went into Ali’s store “Findings Boutique” in Champaign, IL (check it out!). I bought some really cute things. We went to lunch at Los Zarapes (YUM! Anytime I can get Mexican food, I’m a happy camper). Saturday night, Jana cooked an awesome(!) meal of mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, salad, bread and turkey for the meat eaters. Saturday night, we went back into Rob and Ali’s for some Wii Mario Kart….. it’s definitely not my forte. I sucked pretty bad. It makes up for my trivia win the other night.

Sunday morning, Collin went golfing and I stayed home and watched the US gymnastics trials while helping Jana with her cover letter. We all went into Champaign to meet my mom and KK for lunch. They brought me a surprise…. a new Coach bag!! It’s the cutest summer striped tote. I love it! I was just thinking that I needed a new summer purse and there it was 🙂 Loves and thanks to my mom and KK for thinking of me.

Tomorrow I’m leaving to visit my dad in Maryland for a few days. I can’t wait!!

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One Response to A Long Weekend in Review

  1. julia says:

    ooooh, Maryland. One of my best friends lives out there and I always mean to visit. I hope it’s a blast!

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