I hate you USAIR!

So yesterday, I arrived at my dad’s house in Maryland, but not without some drama.

First, I got an automated voicemail from USAIR saying that might flight was cancelled. After awhile on hold, I found out it was due to airline maintenance. The oh so nice lady tells me that they do not compensate for cancelled flights because it’s a “fact of doing business in the airline industry.” Fabulous… that’s just great customer service. 

So the next flight out is at 6:24 and I get into BWI at 11:49. Fine… so I take the metro to the airport. When I get there, I see that the flight has been delayed to 6:50. Ok… a little more frustrated but whatever. I’m sitting by the gate, reading a book when a huge amount of people start to line up at the ticket counter. I turn around and now the sign says departing at 8:15. I was flying from St. Louis to Charlotte and then to Baltimore. I knew that if the flight left at 8:15 it would really be cutting my connection flight short. So, I call Collin and ask for the USAIR number. I call and that lady is actually really nice. She tells me that the good news is my flight from Charlotte to Baltimore is also delayed and I have a window of about 20 minutes to make my connecting flight. Well, I sit there until 8:30 when they finally board the plane and we take off at 8:45. The whole time I’m panicking that I’m going to miss my connecting flight because the nice lady on the phone told me that if I get stuck in Charlotte, they do not compensate for hotel stays. This night is just getting better!

So I get on the plane and realize that no one is going to be sitting next to me. YAY! BUT..the last person to board the plane was a mother of a small screaming child and a cat. Yes, a cat…in a carrier. And where do they sit? RIGHT BEHIND ME! So when the kid isn’t screaming, she’s kicking the back of the seats. All mom does is shh….. shhh…. sh…. OBVIOUSLY IT’S NOT WORKING!  Meanwhile, I ask the ever so nice flight attendant for a blanket because it’s negative 17 on the plane. She doesn’t reply but instead sighs and goes in search of my blanket. I finally get one and you know what?!? I TOOK IT. At the end of my flight, I balled it up into my carry on because I knew I’d either be freezing on the next flight or stranded in the airport and would need it then. I know it’s probably covered in human filth but I don’t care!

So when we land, I’m told that my connecting flight is boarding and if I hurry, I can catch it. Of course it’s on the next concourse at the very end! So I’m jog walking as fast as I can and make it on the plane. This time, I’m sitting next to a 8/9/10 year old kid. He apparently decides that the blanket needs to be over his entire body during the flight so every five seconds he’s squirming around to make sure that no air is touching him. In the mean time, he’s elbowing me and I want to remind him that human filth is all over his head…

I made it to my dad’s house about 2:30 in the morning….  USAIR is gonna hear it from me!

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2 Responses to I hate you USAIR!

  1. Julia says:

    Awww, Hanna. That sucks. I swear traveling by air is the worst these days. At least you are there now!

  2. Emily says:

    Glad you arrived safely… and way to stick it to them by stealing that blanket!!! Have a good time – better luck on the way home!!

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