Day One of Vacation

Everytime I go see my dad, I try to remember to pack cycling appropriate attire. Wednesday morning, my dad and I went on a 14 mile bike ride. It was so pretty. At one point, we stopped at this little marina right next to the Chesapeake Bay. You could smell the water and there was a nice breeze. So pretty! I thought for sure that the next morning my legs would be shot, but they weren’t! The only thing that hurt was my butt. I was wearing running shorts which had NO padding. I’m just not conditioned for that.

After getting cleaned up, we decided to head in to Annapolis for lunch and a movie. We ate at McCormick and Schmick’s and then saw Wall-E. I was kind of disappointed with the movie. It was just ok. I was expecting a lot more with all the positive reviews it had received.

Wednesday night, we did a lot of research for what we wanted to do on Thursday in D.C. We played some backgammon (I learned how to use the doubling cube). Lost 7-5, but I put up a good fight! After that, it was magazines in bed. I was exhausted!

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