Day Two of Vacation

Yesterday was awesome! After getting ready, we headed to the metro (orange line at New Carrolton, if you’re curious). We got off at Gallery Place/China Town for lunch at Gordon Biersch followed by the National Portrait Museum. It was pretty cool! All of the past Presidents have their portraits hanging there (all of them!). We wandered around there for about an hour or so before heading across the street to our SEGWAY TOURS!

This was soooo much fun. I’ll be posting pictures later. We went out to an alley beside the office to learn how to ride the Segway. Basically, you just roll your feet forward to go forward and back to stop or go backwards. The handle bar shifted right and left for when you needed to turn. After about ten minutes of riding them around the alley, we went onto the sidewalks of DC! It was about a three hour tour. We saw way more of the sites than you could ever see in a day on foot (Ford’s Theatre, FBI building, Supreme Court, Capitol, all sorts of museums, Washington Monument, White House, etc.). If you ever have a chance to do one of these tours, I highly recommend it! Of course, people will stare at you on your segway in your funny little helmet but you’ll just breeze on by as they’re sweating it out on the sidewalks.

After the tour, we needed to sit down for awhile. Who would’ve thought standing on a Segway for three hours would be exhausting and slightly painful?!?! We had a drink at a really nice little Irish pub in Chinatown (I know, weird, right?) and then hopped on the metro to the Nationals game.

The Nationals stadium is right off the navy yard metro stop so it was so convenient. We found our seats and they were awesome! Right in center field. I swear we were 20 feet away from the players during batting practice. When we sat down, the guys around us said they had two homerun balls each! Of course, once we got there, none of them got close to me at all.

So my review of the new Nationals park is that it’s just ok. The concessions weren’t that great. The service was worse. The announcer was sooo cheezy. His voice was just like a game show host… so corny. And the team….well the team was not at its best last night. The game was 2-0 (arizona winning) when the Nat Pack came to our little area and asked if we wanted to do a 9th inning rally on the jumbo tron! I ran over to the little area and we jumped up and down and screamed and made it on there! SO COOL! Annnnndddd it worked! The Nats came back and tied it 2-2 in the 9th inning. They could’ve won the game right there when they left the bases loaded. We left in the 10th but they ended up losing 7-5 in the 11th.

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