Day Three of Vacation

My last day of vacation 😦  We took a ride on my dad’s motorcycle to Kentmoor. It’s a marina with a nice casual restaurant overlooking the bay. They had the windows open and a nice breeze was blowing. I absolutely LOVE being able to eat outside by the water. I had a nice greek salad mmmm…. After lunch, we headed back home and I got all my stuff packed up.

We decided to head in to Baltimore for the afternoon. Our first stop (slightly morbid but cool) was Edgar Allen Poe’s grave site. KK LOVES EAP so we did a rubbing of the stone for her and took some pictures. After that, we headed over to Fell’s Point for some strolling. We walked around the cobble stone streets and cute little shops. We stopped at a little bar overlooking the harbor. I had a tasty strawberry margarita 🙂 We also had dinner at this cute little Irish pub Fado. I was brave and tried an egg sandwich (hard boiled egg, lettuce, mustard). It was really good! Gives me something to make at home now.

After that we went to the airport 😦 Another crappy set of flights.   My first flight was again delayed for “mechanical difficulties.” The ticket guy promised all of us that we would make our connecting flights. Of course, he failed to mention that I would have to run down the terminal, get on a shuttle to a new terminal, and then run down another terminal to my gate. I was the last person on the plane and I’m sure they all thought I just couldn’t make it to the airport on time.

On the plane, the flight attendants were extremely rude. (USAIR again) I was in the front row and the lady wouldn’t let the people in the front row put items underneath their own seat, even if nothing else was under it. They HAD to go in the overhead bins. The two flight attendants sat at the front of the plane through the whole ride just gossiping. They made me turn my ipod off twenty minutes before the captain asked everyone else to do so. At one point, the flight attendant flipped on the lights (it was a night flight) and then laughed as everyone woke up. It was just miserable.    

I had a great time with my dad! It’s so weird to say but I’ll see him this weekend too when Collin and I head to Chicago to see my brother and niece. I’m excited!

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