Forgot to update!

So big apologies from me. I forgot to update after the baby shower fiasco. The shower turned out really well! My boss was completely surprised and everyone loved it. Even though it caused a LOT of drama, it was great to see her so happy. Here are some pics:

The diaper cake (we made it!!!)

Amy’s Onesie (Chick Magnet)

Terry’s Onesie


Melissa’s (she actually did this the morning of the shower because she originally went out and bought one)

One of mine… I’ll call this…the jungle series

My boss’s surprised face

You can’t really read it but it says “Atty work product” from a lawyer to a lawyer

Not a great picture of Melanie but you can see the blanket I made her.

This one is to make up for the not so flattering one of her.

Last but not least….the contracts group:

Back row: Amy, Cathy, Melissa, Terry

Front row: Melanie, Me (pre super cute haircut)

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One Response to Forgot to update!

  1. Emily says:

    Looks like it was fun!! Your jungle series is super cute!

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