Weekend in Review with the cutest pictures ever!

This weekend Collin and I had a whirlwind turnaround from St. Louis to Chicago and back. Friday night after work, we packed up the stuff and Lola and headed to Champaign. We dropped off Lola at Jana’s house and then went in to pick up Rob and Ali for THE DARK KNIGHT….. LOVED IT! Although, I spent the whole movie staring at Heath Ledger’s face just trying to get a glimpse of him under the makeup. It was surreal to watch him and think that he’s no longer around to see all of the acclaim he’s getting. So sad.

Saturday, we dropped off Lola with her godparents (Rob/Ali) so we could get going to Chicago. We got up there in time for lunch with the family. We went to Mystic Celt on Southport. It was a really cute place with tons of stuff on the menu that I’ll actually eat. Score! After lunch, Dad/Lynn went back to the hotel while Nick, Jenny, Collin, Audrina and I wandered around this awesome candy store with all the retro candy. It had candy cigarettes, big league chew, jolly ranchers, now and laters, gummy everything…. We got like $30 worth of candy. I wanna go back!

We hung out at Nick/Jenny’s until it was time to go to the White Sox game. I’d never been to US Cellular so it was great to mark a ballpark off my list! Sad though that the Sox lost 9-1 😦 After the game, Collin and I went downtown to his brother Cory and his gf Candy’s condo. We hung out with them for awhile and then passed out on the couch. It was such a long day!

Sunday morning, we all got together for lunch/brunch at Grand Lux Cafe. It was pretty good. The portions were huge! I got to take some really cute pics of the lil one (See Below). I also took a really cute video that I’m uploading and will post later. After lunch, we had to say goodbye to the family 😦 The weekend went by entirely too fast and I’m already missing everyone. I think Nick, Jenny and Audrina might be coming to visit in August which would be AWESOME! Any chance to see them, I’ll take!

We eventually made it to Champaign to pick up Lola, then to Effingham for gas/dinner and then back to St. Louis around 8ish. I was totally exhausted at work today but it was worth it.

Enjoy the pics!

US Cellular Field

Nick and Jenny, the proud parents of this little one:

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3 Responses to Weekend in Review with the cutest pictures ever!

  1. Robyn says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! Yay for family! And your niece is ever so cute!!

  2. Amy says:

    Hanna, she is a doll! I especially like that last pose. You are all very lucky to have her in your lives. What a blessing!

  3. julia says:

    She is TOO cute. Love it.

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