Runnin’ Down a Dream

So I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but I’ve never been particularly athletic. This year I signed up for the Komen 5k and met my goal of being able to run the whole thing. I didn’t run a whole lot after that. I kinda got in a funk.

About three weeks ago, Collin and I joined the boxing gym by our house and I started running on the treadmill almost every morning before work. Last week or so, I got an email from Nike about The Human Race. Basically, on August 31, there will be a 10k race in 25 different cities across the world. The race closest to us is in Chicago, starting and ending at Soldier Field. Each runner gets a Nike DriFit shirt and there’s a FallOut Boy Concert at Soldier Field after the race that only the runners can attend. I really wanted to run in it but I didn’t want to do it alone. Well, after some prodding and begging, I finally dragged Collin into running it with me.

Last weekend was Missouri’s No Sales Tax Weekend!! It’s designed for parents to buy school clothes/supplies for their kids, but that didn’t stop Collin and I from hitting up the Nike outlet for some cool new gear. I got some new kick ass shoes! The shoes are Nike+ running shoes. There is a sensor under the insole that sends a signal to a sensor plugged into my ipod. While I’m running, I can set it to tell me how far I’ve gone, how far I have left to go, calories and my pace. I also got some running shirts, pants and a running skort. I’m looking stylish!




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4 Responses to Runnin’ Down a Dream

  1. Emily says:

    I’m so glad that Collin signed up with you!!! That will be a lot of fun!!! 🙂

  2. julia says:

    Now you are talking! A running skort? A 10k race? Fabulous new shoes? You go, girl!

  3. Mom says:

    I am so proud of you!! You are awesome…keep making pushing me forward…I’ve started the necessary health related changes. I am buying a treadmill next week and looking forward to working my way back into shape. You are an excellent role model!!

  4. Me says:

    Came across your blog through Lucy in St. Lou. Very impressive running goals you have! I, too, have always wanted to be a runner but am cursed with a 38D chest so I stick to spinning.

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