What’s up?

1. Thank you all so much for your encouragement. I’m really feeling motivated!! We’ll see how motivated I’m feeling after tomorrow morning’s interval training and Sunday morning’s four mile run in the park!

2. I have a new friend:

Isn’t she pretty??? I’ve been playing with it since I got it Friday night. I’m trying to figure out all the cool features. Anyone else have one and want to exchange pins?

3. There has been a crazy amount of office drama going on lately. It doesn’t help that my boss is having her c-section two weeks from today. Then she’ll be out for 12 weeks! It’s gonna be a long three months.

4. Last night, Collin and I went to kickboxing class. It was great (in a painful way). The instructor said I had awesome kicks! Go me 🙂

5. I burnt my arm on Monday taking a casserole out of the oven. It blistered up and now you can see that I burned a few layers off of my arm… it’s not the first time I’ve burnt myself this way and probably won’t be the last.

6. Big Brother was awesome last night! I have never laughed so much. It was argument after argument followed by insane comments. Man I love that show.

7. Brett Favre is going to play for the Jets??? I just can’t get behind this. The Packers have let me down.

8. I went to bed at 8:00 the other night and got up at 6. It was the best I’ve felt in awhile.

9. Welcome Em-Diddy to the Lou!!! I’m so excited to have you here in the same city 🙂 Can’t wait to see your new place!

10. I watched the movie “Definitely Maybe” the other night and thought it was just so sweet! A good chick flick. Needless to say, I watched it by myself 🙂

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2 Responses to What’s up?

  1. Mom says:

    WOW..you are really moving…walking, jogging, running, kick boxing, new phone….I am really impressed. You are the inspiration for the rest of us lazy couch potatoes to get up and move!!

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks for the shout out H-Dawg!!! I can’t wait for our date this weeeeek!! I’m proud of you as well on all your efforts toward working out!! 🙂

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