Goals and Such

So this weekend is the big Nike+ human race!!  Last Sunday was my long run outside. I ran six miles in just a few seconds over an hour. My goal for the race this Sunday is under 70 minutes. I think I can do it in less time but since it’s my first big race, I want to be realistic. I think they’re expecting around 15,000 people. I’m pretty excited!!!

So I’ve been doing some brainstorming about what should be my next hurrah since I’m really getting into running. Lana mentioned that there is going to be a half marathon in Champaign (IL) this coming April. I think that’ll be a nice amount of time for me to work up that distance. THENNNnnnnnn my ultimate goal would be to do the chicago marathon next october (09). I’ve always wanted to run in a marathon and think that I should do it now, while I’m still young and able and have the time to put into it. Am I crazy?

I know there’s a crazy amount of stuff I need to learn before running a marathon. I’ve been seeing people talk about gels and powders and beans for energy. I’ve always wondered what happens if you have to go to the bathroom. I mean… that’s a long time to run without it. How do you get past the mental blocks, especially if you can’t use headphones!! What’s the joy in that?

So if anyone has advice on how to train, books to read, etc. I’d love to hear it!

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2 Responses to Goals and Such

  1. julia says:

    ah, my little newbie runner. I’ll help you on your way!! I was in your shoes just a few short years ago. We ran our first half marathon in 2005 and I was scared shitless. And now we are doing our first full and I’m nervous/excited.

    There is a lot to learn but in general, it’s still just running. We use the Hal Higdon training program and I highly recommend that for both your half and full marathon goals. Very helpful.

    My biggest advice is to stay with good running shoes. We didn’t use any nutrition [gels, beans] for the half…..but we are forced to for this full b/c it’s ridiculous.

    Mental block SUCK, no matter what. Music won’t even help if you are having a mental block. I suggest doing your longer runs without music to get used to the sound of your feet on the pavement.

    And the bathroom…..it’s a daunting task, but believe it or not, we never stopped during the half to use one. I think if you go before that your body really uses all of the fluids while you run. A #2 is a different story, and is a lot of runner’s ultimate fear during a race:) They do, however, have portapotties on both halves and fulls to suit your needs.

    Sorry this is so long, I’m just excited for you! I say go for it now…..we are doing it now before we have kids and while we still have the time. But I won’t lie—-it begins to consume your life, and every second of your spare time. It’s a huge commitment but the rewards are worth it. Email me with any more questions!

  2. Emily says:

    H – you bring up good points… I never thought about the kinds of things you would need to worry about during a race… doing it without music alone would be difficult for me! Why don’t they let you use music??? I may be interested in this half marathon business in April. Do you have a date?! Post 4/15??

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