Lovin the Weekend

* This just in, I’ve been downgraded:

Saturday morning, Collin and I packed up the car (and Lola) and ventured out into Missouri hill country to where we were boarding Lola for the weekend. We managed to get lost (no road signs!) but eventually found the place. It looked like a really nice area for her. There is an open kennel with access to the outside as well as group play time with her friends. Hopefully, she had a good time. Collin is going to pick her up after work today.

After dropping her off, we headed up 55 to the Windy City. After about a five hour drive, I dropped Collin off close to Wrigley Field so he could meet up with his brother and go to the game. I drove to my brother’s and got to spend the afternoon with him and his gf. We went shopping along North Avenue and I picked up the cutest little navy corduroy blazer from J.Crew. After the shopping spree, we went back to their place and I got to see my niece walk for the first time!! It was so cute. She was standing up next to their couch and my brother had a shopping bag in the middle of the room. All of a sudden, she just walked over to it. It was completely crazy and out of the blue! We spent the rest of the night making her walk between us and bribing her with cheerios to do it again.  She doesn’t walk completely now, she’s still getting the hang of it but it was so awesome that I got to be there to see it!

Sunday morning, we went to breakfast with Cory and Candy (collin’s bro and his gf). We stopped by Nordstrom Rack before heading back to their place. I found some cute running tops and Collin bought some really nice brown suede loafers. A little while later, Nick joined us downtown and we hit up H & M and Filene’s Basement. I didn’t find anything. I was hoping to find some designer jeans for cheap, but when you’re short like I am, the sizes are hard to come by. After Jenny got off from work, she came downtown and we all hung out for awhile. It was really nice to get to spend so much time with them.

Finally, it was time to get ready for the race. We all put on our race gear and headed toward Soldier Field. We went with Cory, Candy, Candy’s sister Crystal and Crystal’s bf. A whole racing group! Crystal is training for the Chicago marathon in October at an 8:30 mile! She’s way impressive. All around Soldier Field, Nike had tents setup for water, gatorade, etc. We got in line in the starter’s corral with the other 14,000 people (!) and after waiting for what seemed like forever, the race started. Collin and I finished in just over an hour! My goal was below 70 minutes. We herded through all the people to get our chips cut off our shoes, get water and get out of the way! We headed into Soldier Field where Fall Out boy was going to play and we finally got to sit down. It was a long, hot race but I had so much fun!

Monday, we got ready to leave 😦 and went down to Gibson City to where Collin’s grandpa had hip replacement surgery. We got to say hi to him and all of his aunts/uncles too. We drove down the road a little bit to Collin’s mom’s house and picked up the top layer of our wedding cake. (We originally told them to cut and serve the top but they didn’t listen, so now we still have it.)

Today…… is our 1 year anniversary!!!!! (post on that to come)

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One Response to Lovin the Weekend

  1. julia says:


    Did you beat your goal then? Congrats either way on your first long race!

    And I love the hurricane props:)

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