Are You Ready for Some Football?

Going into week 3, I thought I would tell you all about the football pool that I’m in. Collin’s work has a charity football pool where each week you pick one team to win and if that team wins, you move on to the next week. The catch is, you can never pick the same team twice. The first two weeks, my picks were a little risky. My strategy was to pick some iffy teams that had a decent chance of winning. This week was harder to find a decent underdog so I had to go with a good team. Sometimes the matchups are hard!

I’ll update weekly so you can track my progress. Hopefully, I’ll go far!

Week one: Arizona Cardinals

Week two: Pittsburgh Steelers

Week three: New York Giants

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One Response to Are You Ready for Some Football?

  1. Go Cards. Can they do it again this week?

    But honestly, you look a little too ambitious. I’m heading to the couch.

    No standing, singing, dancing in my Sunday.

    Today is my slug day… Football, couch, remote. That’s all I need. I have to get something done today? No way.

    I have officially declared today a slug day.

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