A Few of My Favorite Things….

I think everyone should take some time to remind themselves what they love about life. Here’s what I love:

Meg Ryan movies, lemonade sorbet, cool breezes through open windows, head bands, sour dough bread, fall weather, stepping on crunchy leaves, deep leather chairs, shamrocks, good deals, hair cuts, banana peppers, raspberries, new shoes, reading by lamp light, and pink roses.

chick flicks, iced tea with sweet n low, Christmas carols, good hair days, brown eyes, down comforters, driving with the windows down and the music loud on a nice day, cheerios, vacation, rain boots, queso dip, hoodies, and grape juice.

soft blankets, fire places, new car smell, Brothers and Sisters, nachos, Hope in a Jar, chapstick, amaretto sours, pearls, peanut butter, blue skies, dark nail polish, feather pillows, passport stamps, running, ocean sounds, bear hugs, and seasonal decor.

Polka dot flip flops, acoustic guitar, blog comments, Lola, frozen grapes, baseball games, house shopping, reality television shows, lazy Sundays, chick lit, family, girls nights, Nissan Rogue, old photographs, my ipod, cashmere, and ballet flats.

Hot air balloons, roller coasters, Forest Park, eating outdoors, key lime pie, JCrew, puppies, long walks with my husband, candlelight, cardigans, Christmas in Chicago, sunsets, concerts, college basketball, high heels.

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2 Responses to A Few of My Favorite Things….

  1. julia says:

    Love this post. It makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

  2. Mom says:

    I spent an hour at the OKC National Memorial today….although it was a very sobering experience, it also made me sit back and reflect on what is important in my life. My beautiful children who have been my inspiration, joy, sorrow and guidance. My lovely granddaughter who reminds me every day of the simple joys….crunching leaves under your feet…reading a book…playing with a ball…looking at family pictures, over and over… seeing and doing anything for the first time. My family….always there. My friends for all the joy, laughter and love they share with me.
    I was blessed to spend a great deal of time traveling; growing up in New York…fall was my favorite time of year with the aroma of leaves burning, bales of hay, pumpkins, Halloween. Thank you all for blessing my life.

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