More of the Same…

We haven’t been up to a lot but I thought I’d fill you in a few things that have happeed in the past week or so:

1. Last Wednesday early morning, Collin’s car was broken into. “They” smashed in the passenger window and stole his XM radio and radar detector. He didn’t have the radio out in the open but I guess the bracket left on the dash was enough to cause someone to break in and check it out. All in all it wasn’t too bad. We have a new window and we’ll replace the radio eventually.

2. Collin is out at jury duty today. He called on his lunch break to tell me they had started voir dire and that it was an armed robbry case. He’s not in the jury box right now so hopefully, they won’t pick him and he’ll be back to work tomorrow.

3. This was a great weekend to connect with my lady friends 🙂  Saturday night we had Matt and Emily over for dinner. I made my first chicken parmesan and my first pumpkin pie. It’s strange because I don’t eat either of those but everyone said they were tasty! Sunday night, I got to meet Tana for pizza at Dewey’s in Clayton. It was the first time either one of us had been there but it was really good! It was so great to see her (she works crazy hours and travels 80% of the time). She also hinted at wanting to run the half and maybe full marathon with me!! It would be so great to have a training buddy. I know Collin wants nothing more to do with running after our 10k. This would be fabulous!!!

4. I’m heading to my cousin’s wedding in Owensboro, Kentucky this weekend. I’m so excited to see my family and hopefully my niece!!! Her mom is trying to get the weekend off from work so that they can make it to the wedding. I haven’t seen Audrina since she started running around all over the place. I really want her to get to know me and who I am. It’s so hard since I’m 5+ hours away most of the time. I’ll have to make due with impromptu visits like this. I’ll make sure to post some super cute pictures when I get back.

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One Response to More of the Same…

  1. julia says:

    Car break ins are one reason I do NOT miss St. Louis. That sucks!

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