Who earned $12 last week??

That’s right…..it was me! I successfully worked out six times between last Monday and yesterday, earning myself $12. Not a bad little gig I’ve got going. Now, I know it’s my own money either way but I really feel like I’m achieving something here. I transfer the money from one account to the other each week. It’s actually fun to see how much I can earn. This money will all go to my running clothes fund.

I have a different fund that I’ve been using for my trip to Costa Rica next year. My friend Tana and I spent a month in Costa Rica for a study abroad experience back in undergrad and decided to relive our adventure. We want to go back and do everything we missed or loved and want to do again (i.e. white water rafting, zip lining and soaking in volcano heated hot springs). So every month for the past year I’ve been saving $50. I even opened a special ING account because they offered me a higher interest rate and a free $25 for signing up. I’m up to just under $600. We’re planning to go next October so by then I’ll have an additional $550. It’s pretty amazing what you can do and not even notice the money is being put aside. I’ll probably add money here and there to plump it up a bit just in case. I can’t wait for next year!

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