Catching Up….

1. Friday night Collin and I watched the new Indiana Jones…not to ruin anything but….aliens? seriously?

2. Saturday I almost finished my Christmas shopping. I only have my niece and Collin’s brother to go.

3. Saturday night I went to my first ornament party at Robyn’s house. It was cool to do the exchange and meet all the people she had talked about before. It was great to spend time with Amy outside of work and get to know her family better.

3. Sunday, Emily and I went to the Lafayette Square parlor tour. There were only 12 houses this year and a lot of them weren’t really decorated for Christmas. It was almost like they were just trying to show off that they had restored an older home.

4. After the parlor tour we ate lunch at the Soda Fountain. I had a grilled cheese with fries topped with more CHEESE. It was delicious.

5. After that, we picked up Lola from my house and went to her house to bake some Christmas cookies. We made some delicious ginger snaps, snickers bars wrapped in sugar cookies and ritz crackers with peanut butter dipped in chocolate. Pictures to come (hint hint Emily).

6. Sunday it was 58 degrees outside. On Monday we woke up to an icy winter day….it was -3 with the wind chill. It took me 30 minutes to scrape the ice off of my car. Today… snow. Tomorrow? Snow. Thursday? Snow. Friday? 53 degrees and disgusting brown slush all over the road.

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One Response to Catching Up….

  1. Emily says:

    😀 im hoping to get pics up tonight!

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