Christmas Recap (finally)

I had a total of FIVE Christmas’s this year…. crazy!

Collin and I celebrated our Christmas early. I like to do it with just the two of us, it’s more special that way.

I gave him: a Roku (netflix player that lets you watch programs on the tv), the States and the Presidents DVD sets, a sweater stone, a windowsill garden and some Frango mints. I also sent his DVD cover to “The Hammer” to Adam Carolla to sign. I think he was most excited about that.

I got: a new cream dress coat (!), a nice pink shirt, Victoria’s Secret perfume, and a TOMTOM!  Ironically, after I got it, I got lost. I forgot to use it when I was going out…

The next Christmas was with Collin’s Dad and Lana, his brother and his brother’s fiance.  We usually do Christmas Eve at their house and we followed the tradition this year. From them we got: A gift certificate to the Fox, Zappos gift cards (new shoes!) and some great stocking stuffers. I got a lot of hair/makeup products.

The four of us spent Christmas morning with Collin’s mom and Tom. We got remote starters for our cars!!! They’re not installed yet but I can’t wait for the day we can just point, click and have instant heat in the car. Nice.  She also got us a great throw blanket for the living room, awesome slippers, a rolling pin cover (this will help my pie crust quest) and some great stocking stuffers. I also got my Best of Philosophy gift set from Sephora!

The day after Christmas, we went to my mom’s house and joined up with my brother, his gf, my niece, my sister, her bf and my mom…. big crew. This was the only Christmas where I actually took pictures:

From mom I got a Coach purse and wristlet, a jewelry roll, pearl earrings, a calendar with everyone’s birthdays, etc on it, the Philosphy cocktail bodywash set and various stocking stuffers. Collin got a nice robe that he never stops wearing, lol. Lola got a new coat… as you can tell in the picture, she was thrilled. From my sister I got a cute coach wallet, a running fleece and some awesome pictures of Collin and I. From my brother and Jenny, I got an awesome suede purse from Ann Taylor Loft.

It was really hard to go to work after all of the Christmas excitement. I had my 5th and final Christmas when my sister and I flew out to Maryland to visit my dad and Lynn. We had a great time getting spoiled! I got a heart rate monitor (for running), two pairs of jeans, some Ugg-like boots, lots of candy, a roll of 25 $1 coins, a cook book, some Old Bay seasoning and a tear-off desk calendar of lawyer jokes.

It was a great haul this year! I’ll have to update my wish list page. There’s not a whole lot I’m wishing for now. A huge THANK YOU to all of my friends and family that made Christmas so much fun this year. It’s not about the gifts but the time I got to spend with all of you. Can’t wait until the next time we can all get together.

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