Who Doesn’t Love a Snow Day?

On Monday, everyone was freaking out about the impending doom that the snowstorm was surely to bring. Tuesday morning, we had maybe an inch or two of snow. I dragged my butt into work to be only one of two people in our group to make it. I left at 1. Today, I woke up to the delightful sight of 6 more inches of snow! I immediately knew that I would again be one of two people to drag their butt into work and decided it wasn’t worth it. I called and said I would “work from home.” This actually entails me watching tv and checking my email every couple of hours. Today, I received 2 emails related to work. I’m SO glad I didn’t try to go in.

Instead, this is how I spent my morning: img_4724


Lola gets awful bleeding sores between her paws when it snows. We thought the solution would be these booties. She wore them for a little bit but as soon as she hit the dog park, they fell off. So much for the booties.





Needless to say, Lola enjoyed her time at the park. The rest of the day was spent catching up on some TIVO, playing Scrabble with Collin and going to the gym. I’d say we were pretty productive!

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