Running Update

Things are going well in the half marathon training world. I ran five miles on Sunday with Tana. It’s been nice having someone to train with. It really breaks up the monotony. Tonight we’re running four miles (hopefully outside if the weather holds up) and then going out to dinner to celebrate her birthday.

 The training program goes on for another 7 weeks and five more miles. The longest run will be ten miles….the goal being that your body can push the extra three miles on race day. I think the grand total of mileage during the training program has been a little under 60 with each week growing exponentially higher.  I always get a little nervous when I look at what the week’s schedule looks like. But I always finish it and it always feels good. Here’s to that trend continuing!

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One Response to Running Update

  1. julia says:

    Yay for your training! Finding a running partner is definitely key. And don’t worry about only running 10 before the big day….your body will be able to carry you through the extra 3 on pure adrenaline. Just like with a full…the max you’ll run will be 20-22 and the remaining 4-6 is pure adrenaline.

    Have fun!

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