Busy Schedule Ahead

Collin and I have a lot of events coming up. Here’s a glimpse at our upcoming schedule:

Thursday- Emily is taking me out for a birthday lunch.

Friday- Hanna’s birthday!!! (I took the day off from work. Robyn and Amy are taking me out to Bar Louie for lunch. I’m excited) 

Saturday- head to Chicago to celebrate Collin’s friend Kevin’s med school graduation party. His parents rented out Wrigley Done Right- a rooftop bar/bleacher area for the Cubs/Cards game.




View from the rooftop

April25/26- Collin’s friend Rob is coming into town and we’re going to Busch to see the Cards play the Cubs. While I am not personally a Cubs fan, I support my husband’s love.

May 9th- We might be attending a Nueve de Mayo party at Collin’s coworker’s house.

May 14th- Elton John/Billy Joel concert

May 16th- Back up to Wrigley for a Cubs/Astros game. My dad and Lynn will be flying in from Maryland to join my brother/his gf/my niece and us. My dad’s never been to Wrigley so it’ll be a lot of fun!

Somewhere in the middle of all of this excitement, we’ll be finishing up the documents on our new house and I’ll be starting my marathon training. It’s gonna be a busy summer..I can feel it.

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One Response to Busy Schedule Ahead

  1. julia says:

    geesh, your next few months sound a lot like ours….hectic but fun! Enjoy!

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