Congratulations Em-Diddy!

One of my best friends, affectionately known as Em-Diddy (Emily) recently got engaged to her boyfriend of five years, Matt. Emily was a bridesmaid in my wedding (almost two years ago) and I can’t wait to do the same for her.

(Karen, Emily, Mom, Tiffany, Tana)

Emily and I met when I was her RA at SIUC. I tried to set her up with my brother right before she started seeing Matt (oops!). We grew as friends through my law school years and while she was getting her masters in accounting. We survived living with a horrible (!) room mate and the room mate’s snake.  We both moved to St. Louis and now have dinner parties and girly get togethers. I cherish her friendship and look forward to planning her special day. LOVE YOU EMILY!

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One Response to Congratulations Em-Diddy!

  1. emily says:

    hanna!!!! how precious are you!!! I love you so much and feel so honored to have you as one of my very best friends!!! 🙂 I heart you

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