Work in Progress

I apologize for the lack of anything on this blog lately. We had some drama last week with our house closing and now that we’re in the new house, there’s no internet. I did however, take some pics last night to show you the work in progress. Without further ado…..

Friday Jana came down to help me paint the master bedroom. It was a sage-like color but we painted it Martha Stewart “Cake Stand Blue.”

The office- pretty much put together

Upstairs bathroom- I had to stand in the bathtub to try to get a decent pic.

Dining Room- forgot to put the flash on for this. The table suffered an accident in the move but she’s all back together now. We’ll probably get a rug for this room.

Living room- we’re getting a new leather couch/chair for this room. They’ll be delivered on Friday. I’ll update afterwards.

Guest bedroom- all set for guests!

downstairs bathroom

kitchen- still sorting through stuff here

sunroom- this is where all the boxes went originally. We’re making progress getting them moved into their proper place. The living room couch will be in the sunroom after Friday.

Freshly mowed (by me) yard.

Lola showing her love for the new yard (but not the 90+ degree heat)

my pride and joy- new closet all for me!

overflow closet- for sweaters, dresses and running gear

master bedroom post paint with new bedding

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2 Responses to Work in Progress

  1. julia says:

    so cute, hanna! Love it.

  2. Kristal says:

    I’ll be cheering on some friends at the Lewis and Clark Half…maybe I’ll see you there!!

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